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Fuck it

2012-09-17 04:12:02 by YouLostTheGame

Not even gonna bother with a long winded post about how I'm back for realsies this time. I go on here now, sometimes, maybe, I dunno. Oh look, video games.

Here's some art I made.

Fuck it

Oh hai guise.

2010-07-10 05:41:35 by YouLostTheGame

Hey I'm back! lol, jk bai.

Nah though, I'm actually gonna try and be back for good this time, hopefully with the helpful pesterings of TehSlapHappy.

My excuses for being gone are somewhat embarrassing... It was a mixture of college, getting a job, World of Warcraft, and 4chan.

I know, I know. I'm sorry.

But! The big project I've been busy with at work is now over, it's summer, my WoW subscription has run out (for now) and I was banned from all boards on 4chan. So that should help.

In lighter news, I've been working on some interesting artsy shit while I was gone, so look forward to not looking at that when I post some of it. Here's a sample.

k, see you in six months, lololol.


Oh hai guise.

Back, sorta.

2010-02-12 18:38:35 by YouLostTheGame

So, I know no one noticed or anything, but I've been gone for... quite a bit. I've been going through some shit in real life, college, trying to find a job, and getting dumped a few eeks befor Valentines Day. So, hurray for that.

Also, I've been a bit of a WoW addict, so I'm trying to cut back on that.

However, I till won't be active for at least a few days, because of this beauty.

Worth every fuckin penny.

Back, sorta.

Star Wars Shoes

2009-12-22 23:51:16 by YouLostTheGame

Hey guise. As some of you know, I was comissioned by a friend's mother to paint up a pair of white vans to be Star War themed as a Christmas present for her son and my friend Jacob. I was a little unsure about how to do this at first, but I managed to figure everything out. I think they turned out alright.

Here are otherangles of it:


Side View of Chewbacca Shoe

Side View of Storm Trooper Shoe

Tell me what you guys think, and please ignore the shitty quality that is the iPhone camera. Ugh. The only things I'm really not happy with is the fucked up crossbow and the Death Star. Meh.

On a side note, thanks very much for all of your input on what cosplay to choose. However, I've decided to go with the female version of the Dead Space armor. I've already got most of it planned out. You'll be updated with progress pictures, and pictures of the final product once everything's said and done.

P.S. Jamie likes penis.

Star Wars Shoes

I Require Assistance...

2009-12-07 20:11:16 by YouLostTheGame

On a rather nerdy subject. As some of you know, I attend cons every year and yes, I do cosplay. As video game characters, usually. I'm not touching any anime cosplay. I like to think that I ast least have some shred of dignity left... Maybe...

Anywho, I am as of yet undecided on what to dress up as for next year's cons. Last year, I was the Big Sister from Bioshock 2, which earned me a feature on both and, as well as being contacted by the Character Technical Director of 2K Games (The company that makes Bioshock) and Colin Fix, the man who actually designed the Big Sister. This made me happy.

Anyhow, I've accepted the fact that I'll never be able to do something like that again and get that much attention, but whatever. I'm going to have fun this year anyway. The point is, I'd like your help deciding what costume I should do this year. Here's some ideas I have so far:

Codex from the Guild

Yue Ying from Dynasty Warriors 6

A female version of the Dead Space Armor

Poison Ivy (Uma Thurman Version, preferably)

Gaila from Star Trek (In her uniform, calm down boys.)

That's all I have so far. I'd love to hear suggestions if you have any. I'll update the list with whatever other ideas I like. Thanks.

I Require Assistance...

Sooo, I went to the premiere of New Moon. No, I didn't actually see it. I just hung around outside dressed as a Harry Potter character. I got some interesting responses, not all of them bad. I got hugged several times by random strangers. I'm gonna have to get some shots.

But yeah, I was jeered at a bit too. "HEY, WRONG MOVIE." "THIS IS TWILIGHT NOT HARRY POTTER." "I THINK YOU'VE GOT THE WRONG MOVIE." Boy, those fangirls sure are a sharp bunch.

And just so you know, I do not own a Harry Potter costume... My frend does.

Don't ask.

Trollin' the Twilight Premiere

What a Great Halloween

2009-11-01 02:21:41 by YouLostTheGame

Scaring groups of teenage girls, and making the best jack-o-lantern evar.

Good night.

What a Great Halloween

Brains. Yum.

2009-10-31 01:42:39 by YouLostTheGame

Went to college like this. Unfortunately, I woke up late and only had ten minutes to whip up some blood and apply some crappy makeup. Oh well. I still had fun.

A vegetarian zombie. It's so ironic it hurts.

Brains. Yum.


2009-10-17 02:40:10 by YouLostTheGame

The previous NewsPost was inaccurate, so I made a new one.

It is no longer my birthday.


I can haz birthday?

2009-10-11 12:38:07 by YouLostTheGame

It's October eleventh.

I am now legal.

I can haz birthday?